There is something in Norwegian called to be “skinn-uenige”, meaning that the two (or more) persons engaged in a debate is only disagreed in the name of it while they in fact are agreed on 99% of the matter – often caused by terminological pedantry. Thinking of multicultural Oslo I come to think that “skinn-uenighet is of a lesser societal problem than what “skinn-enighet” is. “Skinn-enighet” is, as you probably have guessed, the opposite of “skinn-uenighet”. It is when the persons engaged in a debate pretend to be agreed – which usually is the case when it is the path of least resistance. Norwegians might happily engage in fervent debate on the clothing of their children, which is the hottest topic of debate at these times, but at more contentious matters decency is what rules. The idea of that each culture is a subgenus of a civilization was a given truism merely a couple decennia ago. This idea has been imperceptibly abolished under the banner of decency, as it implicitly is an abettor to the thought-crimes such that cultural preferences has anything to do with the Western Culture, with a capital “C”, that is, the culture bequeathed to us by Rodin, the authors of the Bible, father of modern liberalism; John Stuart Mill, Michelangelo and several names that one could ascertain having contributed something to the Western cultural inheritance. The problem with the abolition of the idea of civilizations is just that Norwegians do manage to discern differences between immigration from Denmark, and immigration from Iraq, whether one has heard of the idea of “civilizations” or not. But such matter is only racist and terminological pedantry to the eyes of the multiculturalist who has transcended and elevated himself to the ‘global village’. But the decent mask must fall in the long term, as cultural friction becomes palpable to the point where it ceases to be possible to ignore. Even the multiculturalists intoxicated with the goodness of a ‘global village’ must face up with reality and disown previous infatuations with the ‘cultural enrichment’-thought as they realize that commonality of being human is not enough to love one another. We will be forced into agreeing on what we disagree on.


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